Former member of: Hell Militia, Love Lies Bleeding, Vorkreist and Secrets of the Moon. Marianne Sejourne “LSK” has passed away on October 23rd 2013. Sources say it was suicide but no formal statement has been released. I felt it was appropriate to honor her passing as I thought this woman was a complete bad-ass at what she did. The world of Metal is ruled by men, and she was one of the few that stood out the right way, she kept it dark and transcended from the cesspool of filthy sluts and attention whores that  plague the genre and delivered professionalism and real fucking talent making her one of the band and not “that one chick”. I don’t know why she decided to end her life at 36, but I will say that it is a lamentable loss, in a world were female talent lacks. R.I.P Sister. may you find the peace in death that you searched for in life.


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    Didnt know much about her before her passing, but Hell Militia is a super badass band. Its really too bad i guess
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